StriimĀ® 3.9.6 release notes


For evaluating Striim:

A production environment will require more memory and disk space.

Java SE JDK 7 and OpenJDK 7 are no longer supported. You must upgrade to version 8 before installing or upgrading to Striim 3.8 or later.

Using Striim with MySQL requires the MySQL Connector/J JDBC driver 5.1.46. If you are using an earlier version, you must upgrade it. See "Installing the MySQL JDBC driver" in the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Striim 3.9 has been verified with Oracle JDBC driver ojdbc8.jar. If you are using an earlier version, remove it and install ojdbc8.jar. See "Installing the Oracle JDBC driver" in the Installation and Configuration Guide.

Oracle has ended patch fixes for Oracle 11g and You must upgrade to 11g (or 12c to use OracleReader with this release.

The web client has been tested on Chrome. Other web browsers should work, but if you encounter bugs, try Chrome.

Changes that may require modification of your TQL code, workflow, or environment

HP NonStop PAK file names have changed

Starting with, the PAK file names are E for NonStop and X for NonStop X.

Customer-reported issues fixed in this release:

Resolved issues

The following previously reported known issue has been fixed in this release.

OracleReader DateTime values do not include milliseconds (DEV-5987)

Known issues

The following issues have been identified but not yet fixed as of this release. Additional known issues are mentioned in the relevant topics in the documentation.

HTTPReader is missing the Parser menu in the UI (DEV-1854)

Workaround: Use the console or import TQL.

Objects with the same name do not appear in UI (DEV-3172)

TQL allows you to use the same name for more than one object in the same application provided that the objects are all of different types (for example, source, stream, and target), but the UI will not display these objects.

Workaround: Rename the objects or edit using the console.

Can not rename object in flow editor (DEV-3556)

After saving an object in the flow editor, its name cannot be changed.

Workaround: Drop the object and recreate it, or modify it using console commands.

MAP settings are not exposed in the UI (DEV-4138)

The MAP clause of CREATE SOURCE ... OUTPUT TO is not exposed in the UI, though it can be created with the App Wizard.

Workaround: in the console, use DESCRIBE to view settings, ALTER to change them.

WActionStore silently discards events with null value for event type key (DEV-5599)

Creating a source using HTTPReader and DSVParser fails with error (DEV-5916)

Workaround: Have the sender include type=dsv in the URI. For example:

curl -X POST ""...

Dashboard queries not dropped with the dashboard or overwritten on import (DEV-6068)

When you drop a dashboard, its queries are not dropped. If you drop and re-import a dashboard, the queries in the JSON file do not overwrite those already in Striim.

Workaround: drop the namespace.

FileReader filesequencer property not exposed in UI (DEV-6604)

Workaround: Use the console or import TQL.

SORTER objects do not appear in the UI (DEV-8142)

DatabaseWriter shows no error in UI when MySQL credentials are incorrect (DEV-8933)

If your DatabaseWriter Username or Password values are correct, you will see no error in the UI but no data will be written to MySQL. You will see errors in webaction.server.log regarding DatabaseWriter containing Failure in Processing query and command denied to user.

DatabaseWriter needs separate checkpoint table for each node when deployed on multiple nodes (DEV-11305)

Flow Designer is unresponsive when a type has a very large number of fields (DEV-11898)

Workaround: Use the console.

GRANT command wildcard does not work for objects (DEV-12146)

Commands such as GRANT ALL ON * *.* TO ROLE ... will fail.

Workaround: leave out the object element, for example, GRANT ALL ON *.* TO ROLE ....

Import of custom Java function fails (DEV-17653)

IMPORT STATIC may fail. Workaround: use lowercase import static.