Streaming Data Integration for Cloud Analytics

HomeServe Improves Service to Homeowners using Streaming Data Integration

HomeServe uses Striim’s streaming data integration platform to deliver rich operational data to the Google BigQuery analytics environment. Using business dashboards, HomeServe provides valuable operational reports to employees and insurance partners that clearly demonstrates the ROI of early leak detection. Data scientists use granular, streaming data to analyze how the device performs in the field, enabling them to optimize the service to homeowners and insurance partners.

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About HomeServe

HomeServe is a leading home assistance provider, with over 25 years’ experience in looking after UK homes. HomeServe Labs is the innovation arm of HomeServe, and a smart home provider that develops connected home products and services which solve real problems to make life that little bit easier. LeakBot uses intelligent technology to detect water leaks in the home from just one smart alarm, without the need for professional installation.

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