Creating and Deploying Striim on AWS

The following tasks must be performed once to create the IAM user, policy, and role and the EC2 security group required when Creating a node from an Amazon EC2 AMI . If you do not have administrative privileges, have your AWS administrator perform these tasks.

1. Go to Striim’s page in the AWS Marketplace

2. Select desired Region, then click ‘Continue’

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the key pair to use with Striim. If you do not have a key pair in the selected region, follow the instructions to create one.

4. Scroll back to the top of the page and click Accept Software Terms & Launch with 1-Click

5. When you get an email from The AWS Marketplace Team notifying you that your subscription is ready, click the link to the Your Software page.

6. Click View Instances > Access Software.


Using the Striim Installer

1. Read the end user license agreement, then click Accept and Continue.

2. Start system check

3. Enter your name, email, and any cluster name and passwords you you like. Be sure to remember the cluster name and admin password, since you will need them to log in to Striim and run the Striim console.

4. Leave the IAM Role blank and click Continue.

5. Optionally, choose to start Kafka locally or specify an existing external Kafka cluster, then click Save and Continue:

6. Leave the license key field blank and click Continue:


7. Click Launch

When launch has completed, it leaves you at the login page on port 9080. You can follow the ‘Quick Start’ tutorial found in our documentation which is accessible through the Striim Web User Interface’s homepage.

Using ssh to run the Striim console in EC2

To access the Striim instances command line, use ssh (requires Linux or Mac OS X or a third-part Windows ssh client). The syntax is:

ssh -i <private key file name> ec2-user@<Public DNS string>
  • The private key file is the .pem file specified in the “Select an existing key pair or create a key pair” step above. Before using ssh, you must run this command on the private key file once: chmod 400 <private key file name>
  • ec2-user is the Linux user name used by the Striim server.
  • You can find the Public DNS string for the Striim instance on the AWS Instances page. The format of this string is ec2-<Public IP>.<EC2 region>

Putting all these together, the command would look something like this (assuming you ran it from the same directory where the .pem file is stored):

ssh -i MyStriimUser.pem

When ssh connects to the Striim instance, you will see something like this:

TIBCO Silver -  CentOS 6.5 x86_64 AMI
Bootstrap complete. Visit for more information.

To run the console, enter:

sudo /opt/Striim/bin/ -c StriimCluster

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