Cloud Expo Silicon Valley 2019

Striim Founder and CTO, Steve Wilkes, will be speaking at Cloud Expo Silicon Valley!

Cloud Expo Silicon Valley 2019

June 24-26, 2019

Santa Clara, CA

Steve Wilkes, Founder and CTO of Striim, will be providing two speaking sessions discussing key elements for cloud adoption at Cloud Expo Silicon Valley.

The Gravitational Attraction of Cloud: Big Data is Big, But Cloud is Massive
Monday, June 24
11:00am PT
Big Data Analytics Room 212

When Enterprises started adopting Hadoop-based Big Data environments over the last ten years, they were mainly on-premise deployments. Organizations would spin up and manage large Hadoop clusters, where they would funnel exabytes or petabytes of unstructured data. However, over the last few years the economics of maintaining this enormous infrastructure compared with the elastic scalability of viable cloud options has changed this equation.

The growth of cloud storage, cloud-managed big data environments, and cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery and Azure SQL DW, have given the cloud its own gravity – pulling data from existing environments.

In this presentation we will discuss this transition, describe the challenges and solutions for creating the data flows necessary to move to cloud analytics, and provide real-world use-cases and benefits obtained through adopting cloud big data environments.

The Role of Fast Data in Continuous Hybrid Cloud
Tuesday, June 25
4:20pm PT
Great American Room 2

In Hybrid Cloud scenarios you are combining services from multiple clouds, or from a cloud with on-premise or co-located services.

The conversation about hybrid-cloud is often related to applications, virtual machines, micro-services and how these things are scaled or moved between clouds or on-premise and cloud. However, a bigger consideration is the data.Almost all hybrid-cloud use-cases require movement of data in addition to movement and scalability of services. Spinning up additional service instances in a cloud, to rapidly and elastically scale, is useless if these services can’t access the data they need.

In this presentation we will consider, through real-world use-cases and examples, how to implement cloud migrations, cloud bursting, and cloud analytics, and how continuous fast data feeds are required to achieve them.

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