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In 10 minutes Steve Wilkes, WebAction Cofounder and CTO, tackles the what is needed to deliver the Top 10 Challenges in Delivering High-Velocity Big Data Analytics. Watch the video from the Strata +Hadoop conference in San Jose, CA to learn about the challenges and solutions in using stream analytics to get the most from your Big Data.

“It’s good if you can see what’s happening, it’s better if you can see what’s happening in realtime – as it happens and get deep insight…to investigate your data as it happens,” Steve Wilkes, WebAction Cofounder and CTO.

10. Big Data Plays Both Fast and Loose
9. Timing is Everything
8. Data Waits For No-one*
7. Failure is Not an Option
6. Security is Paramount
5. Scale-Out is the New Scale-up
4. You Need to be Alert
3. Don’t Dis “Integrate!”
2. Requirements Change as Fast as Data

and the #1 Challenge in Delivering High-Velocity Big Data Analytics is…

1. A Moving Picture is worth 1M Data Points