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Join WebAction Account Executive, Steve Banovic, for a lunch and interactive meetup to explore the capabilities of the WebAction Real-time App Platform: Data Center Edition in Houston, TX on October 24th 2014 at at 11:30 AM. Corporations and government agencies claim to own the necessary management tools to maintain SLAs yet, when outages occur, nobody knows what the problem is (or how it was caused). Meet the WebAction team at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House and let us show you how we leverage your existing tools, creating a predictable view of outages, anomalies and exposures before they happen.

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The WebAction Data Center App

With the proliferation of servers, workstations, routers, middleware, applications and endpoints it has become an impossible task to manage it all.  While these products have exponentially grown, support staff has remained stagnant. This has created silos of reactive personnel attempting to troubleshoot outages after the calls start coming in. Executives proclaim there are plenty of tools to manage the data center yet, 80% of the outages that occur could have been prevented.

WebAction’s Real-time App Platform: Data Center Edition provides proactive analytics to monitor your entire infrastructure in real-time, predicting issues before they occur. The Data Center App allows you to correlate events across network and other log streams, so that you can address failures, preemptively avert problems, and keep your finger on the pulse of your enterprise at all times.