Data Modernization

Seamlessly connect legacy systems to a any modern, hybrid environment

Real-time Operations

Transform your business with highly responsive digital supply chains and operations powered by real-time data streaming.

Data Fabric

Build a global and agile data environment that can track, analyze, and govern data across applications, environments, and users

Data Mesh

Transition from reliance on monolithic applications to operating on a modern distributed architecture

Digital Customer Experience

Improve the customer journey and use real-time insights to provide a personalized experience

Real-Time Analytics

Infuse real-time analytics into every decision you make


Google Cloud

Unify your data in Google Cloud with real-time data analytics tools like BigQuery.

Microsoft Azure

Accelerate time-to-insight with Microsoft Azure and analytics tools like Synapse and Power BI.


Unify, transform and analyze data in Databricks faster


Fulfilling the promise of the Snowflake Data Cloud.


Delivering real-time data to AWS, for faster analysis and processing.


A unified platform for data integration and streaming that modernizes and integrates industry specific services across millions of customers.


  • Healthcare
  • Logistic
  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications