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Take Apache Kafka to the Next Level

Apache Kafka has become the de facto standard for providing a unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds.  

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Taking Financial Services Operations to the Next Level – Live Webinar

We are excited to announce our upcoming live webinar, presented by Striim co-founder and CTO, Steve Wilkes. Live Webinar: Taking 

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The Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid Open Source Data Management Platforms

Please join our upcoming webinar with Tony Baer from Ovum where we will discuss the pros and cons of a 

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The Critical Role of a “Streaming First” Data Architecture – Webinar

Please join us for our upcoming webinar on The Critical Role of a “Streaming First” Data Architecture in 2017, presented 

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Data Security with Streaming Analytics: Webinar Featuring Guest Analyst

We are pleased to announce our upcoming webinar on Data Security with guest speaker Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester Vice President and Research Director serving 

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Striim Weekly CTO Webinar with Steve Wilkes

In addition to having some of the best streaming technology out there, Striim also has a reputation for being extremely 

Read more Webinar: 8 Priorities for Modernizing Your Data Integration and Analytics Strategy

There has been great change and innovation in all things data. Big data. Streaming data integration. Fast analytics. Cloud processing 

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Is ETL Now a 4-Letter Word? Preparing for Streaming Analytics

The time-tested process of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) is fast losing its ability to cope with the volume, velocity and variety of 

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How to Exploit Perishable Insights the Instant Your Data Is Generated

Please join us to learn how collecting data the instant it’s born, and pre-processing it in memory (that is, pre-Kafka, 

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The Bloor Group Webinar: Time Difference: How Tomorrow’s Companies Will Outpace Today’s

Join The Bloor Group and WebAction in the Briefing Room for Time Difference: How Tomorrow’s Companies Will Outpace Today’s. In our increasingly interconnected 

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