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Real-Time Collection, Enrichment and Analysis of Set-Top Box Data

Competition is stiff. With the onset of Internet protocol TV and “over the top” technology, satellite, telco and cable set-top 

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Real-World Examples of Real-Time Log File Monitoring

At its most basic, the goal of log file monitoring is finding things which otherwise would have been missed, such 

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Real-Time Offers and Sales Monitoring

Today we’re going to take a look at a Striim-base application that makes real-time offers to customers while they’re still 

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5 Uses for Real-Time Visualization

The key factor that makes real-time visualization preferable to batch or event-driven visualization is the requirement for immediacy of decision 

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8 Streaming Data Myths, Busted

Streaming data and analytics is catching hold across today’s markets, providing powerful tools for organizations to sense, understand and respond 

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Upsell and Cross-Sell in Real Time

On any ecommerce site, there’s a lot of clicking, exploring, and comparison shopping going on, but few sales. It’s been 

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Stream Analytics Platforms as a Context Broker

Using a stream analytics platform as a context broker enables businesses to stream their Big Data and gain insights as 

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