Striim Sweeps 2019 Best Places to Work Awards

We are proud to announce that Striim has received two 2019 best places to work awards in the Bay Area by three highly regarded local publications: the San Francisco Business Times, the Silicon Valley Business Journal, and the Bay Area News Group (publisher of The Mercury News in San Jose). This is the third year in a row that Striim was among the top companies on both lists.

This past week, Striim ranked #1 in the Small Companies category of the Bay Area News Group’s Top Workplaces award. This is the second time in three years that Striim has received the top ranking.

In late April, the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal recognized Striim as the #7 best place to work in the Bay Area, up 3 spots from its #10 ranking in 2018.

Striim is honored to consistently rank among the top 10, and even more so to achieve Bay Area News Groups #1 spot. These rankings are a reflection of Striim’s ability to attract amazing employees in the Silicon Valley, and showcase the positive experience of the Striim team members currently working at the company.

What’s great is that both awards were 100% driven by employee feedback. Employees were asked a number of multiple choice and open-ended questions pertaining to a variety of workplace considerations: culture, pay, benefits, work-life balance, team collaboration, etc. Striim employees ranked the company extremely high in all categories.

Striim does not take these 2019 best places to work awards lightly. As a tech startup, it’s difficult to attract and retain top talent that Silicon Valley. Striim, like many other small companies in the Valley, needs to compete with big tech organizations and well-funded start-ups alike.

Along with its own unique perks and offerings, Striim offers a close-knit environment that promotes respect, hard work, and collaboration. Also, every day, employees are given the opportunity to work on emerging technology that is changing the way enterprise companies interact and handle its data.

It’s our belief that this combination is why Striim has done so well with these best places to work awards over the years.

If you’re interested in learning more about why Striim has been recognized as one of the top 2019 best places to work in the Bay Area, please read our San Francisco Business Times/Silicon Valley Business Journal and Bay Area News Group Top Workplaces press releases. And please check our Careers page if you think Striim might be a fit for you!

Striim Included on the CRN 2019 Big Data 100 List for Third Year in a Row

We are proud to announce that, for the third year in a row, Striim has been recognized as an innovator by being included on the CRN 2019 Big Data 100 list. Striim was included in “The Coolest Big Data Management and Integration Software” category. This annual list recognizes vendors and technology providers who are bringing groundbreaking solutions to market that are helping enterprise companies better manage and make sense of the growing amount of data they are generating.CRN 2019 Big Data 100

The CRN 2019 Big Data 100 list was compiled by the CRN editorial staff to highlight IT vendors that are providing impactful solutions for data management, business analytics, and infrastructure and technologies and services, with Striim being selected as one of the top 100 companies making a difference in these areas.

The issue of Big Data continues to be a concern for many organizations, as they search and put a good amount of IT dollars towards adopting a solution that will enable them to appropriately manage and make sense of their data in a timely fashion. It’s important that Striim is part of this conversation, as the platform addresses many of these issues by enables organizations to adopt a modern data architecture.

The only way organizations can deal with the overwhelming quantity of data they are generating is in a streaming fashion, rather than batch ETL. Companies need to collect and understand their data the moment it’s born so they can make decisions based on the data while it’s still operational. For example, with cloud adoption continuing to be a priority for enterprise companies, being able to deliver data with low latency is a critical capability.

More and more companies are realizing the potential of working in a streaming fashion, and Striim has seen tremendous growth in the last year alone regarding this move. We’re excited to continue to see this progression and help organizations move towards working with their data in real time. It’s great that CRN has again recognized Striim as an innovative solution that is providing data management needs.

Learn more about Striim’s award recognition and the other vendors included on the CRN 2019 Big Data 100 list by reading our press release.


Striim - 2019 CODiE Awards - Best iPaaS

Striim Is a 2019 CODiE Awards Finalist for Best iPaaS Solution

Striim is proud to announce that we’ve been recognized by SIIA as a 2019 CODiE Awards Finalist as a Best iPaaS, or Integration Platform as a Service.Striim - 2019 CODiE Awards - Best iPaaS

Why was Striim selected as a Best iPaaS solution? Striim is the only streaming (real-time) data integration platform running in the cloud that is built specifically to support cloud computing.

Real-time data integration is crucial for hybrid and multi-cloud architectures. Striim’s iPaaS solutions for real-time data integration in the cloud brings the agility and cost benefits of the cloud to integration use cases.

Striim enables companies to:

  • Quickly and easily provision streaming data pipelines to deliver real-time data to the cloud, or between cloud services
  • Easily adopt a multi-cloud architecture by seamlessly moving data across different cloud service providers: Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud
  • Offload operational workloads to cloud by moving data in real time and in the desired format
  • Filter, aggregate, transform, and enrich data-in-motion before delivering to the cloud in order to optimize cloud storage
  • Migrate data to the cloud without interrupting business operations
  • Minimize risk of cloud migrations with real-time, built-in cloud migration monitoring to avoid data divergence or data loss
  • Stream data in real time between cloud environments and back to on-premises systems

As one of the best iPaaS solutions, the Striim platform supports all aspects of Cloud integration as it relates to hybrid cloud and multi-cloud deployments.

Striim enables zero-downtime data migration to cloud by performing an initial load, and delivering the changes to the legacy system that occurred during the loading without pausing the source system. To prevent data loss, it validates that all of the data from on-premises sources migrated to the cloud environment.

Striim’s iPaaS solution provides the real-time data pipelines to and from the cloud to enable operational workloads in the cloud with the availability of up-to-date data.

Striim supports multi-cloud architecture by streaming data between different cloud platforms, including Azure, Google and AWS, and other cloud technologies such as Salesforce and Snowflake. If necessary, Striim can also provide real-time data flows between services offered within each of the three cloud platforms.

About Striim for Data IPaaS

Running as a PaaS solution on Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform, the Striim streaming data integration platform offers real-time data ingestion from on-premises and cloud-based databases (including Oracle, SQL Server, HPE NonStop, PostgreSQL and MySQL), data warehouses (such as Oracle Exadata and Teradata), cloud services (such as AWS RDS and Amazon S3), Salesforce, log files, messaging systems (including Kafka), sensors, and Hadoop solutions.

Striim delivers this data in real time to a wide variety of cloud services (for example, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Cosmos DB and Event Hubs; Amazon Redshift, S3 and Kinesis; and Google BigQuery, Cloud SQL and Pub/Sub), with in-flight transformations and enrichments.

Users can rapidly provision and deploy integration applications via a click-through interface using Striim’s pre-built templates and pre-configured integrations that are optimized for their cloud endpoints.

To learn more about Striim’s capabilities as one of the best iPaaS solutions, check out our three-part blog series, “Striim for Data iPaaS.”

Striim Recognized on FORTUNE’s “2019 Best Workplaces in the Bay Area” List

We are excited to announce that Striim has been recognized as a “Best Workplace” on FORTUNE’s “2019 Best Workplaces in the Bay Area” list.

Striim was selected based on a survey that was created, launched, and evaluated by Great Place to Work, a global people analytics and consulting firm.

The rankings took into account more than 30,000 surveys by employees across the Bay Area, designed to evaluate more than 60 elements of an employee’s job and work environment, including trust in leadership, camaraderie in a team setting, and respect among colleagues. Employee perks and benefits were also factored into the rankings.

This Best Workplaces in the Bay Area recognition is very important to Striim because the rankings were completely driven by employee feedback that Great Place to Work collected and evaluated. Additionally, given the fierce competition of not only attracting, but also retaining the best talent in the Bay Area, having our employees thrive in a culture that the Striim team Striim works so hard to foster is extremely rewarding and indicative that we’re on the right track for employee satisfaction.

Striim scored high across the board in many categories including Justice (100 %), Camaraderie (98%), Integrity (96%), Credibility (96%), and Innovation (96%), just to name a few.

Additionally, according to the survey, the overall Striim employee experience was rated 96%. Other great indications that our employees noted include:

  • “Managers avoid playing favorites.” – 100%
  • “I can be myself around here.” – 100%
  • “When you join the company, you re made to feel welcome.” – 100%
  • “Management is approachable, easy to talk with.” – 98%
  • “People here are given a lot of responsibility.” – 98%

Learn more about what employees had to say about Striim, as well as further information on the company, by reading the full Great Place to Work review.

To learn more about why Striim was included on FORTUNE’s Best Workplaces in the Bay Area, as well as to see the full list of winners, please read our press release, “Striim Named One of the 2019 Best Workplaces in the Bay Area by FORTUNE and Great Place to Work.”

Striim Platform Awarded “Trend-Setting Product for 2019” by DBTA

We are delighted to announce that, for the third year in a row, the Striim platform has been recognized by Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) as a “Trend-Setting Product for 2019” for its innovation in Data and Information Management.

The “Trend-Setting Products” list is an annual list that recognizes products in the marketplace that are both innovative and effective in helping customers address evolving data challenges and opportunities.

Being included on this list represents further validation of the Striim platform. Over the past year, Striim has noticed a considerable shift in the way that enterprise companies are looking to collect and gain value from their data. Increasing, companies are shifting their data architectures to take advantage of real time data, and moving their analytics to the cloud.

In order to gain true value from its data, enterprise companies need to adopt these modern data architectures that enables them to make decisions while the data is still relevant. For this to happen, data needs to be collected and processed in a continuous, streaming fashion.

By moving towards a “streaming-first” architecture, organizations can solve many of their current data management issues, while simultaneously opening the door to leveraging emerging technologies such as the cloud, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

We’re honored that DBTA has identified the Striim platform as a trend-setting product for 2019, and are excited to continue building out our platform to offer solutions and services that further enable enterprise companies to make the best use of its data while it’s still relevant.

To learn more about our recognition, read our press release, “Striim Selected as a Top 100 Company in DBTA’s ‘Trend-Setting Products for 2019’ List.”To learn more about the Striim platform’s capabilities, we invite you to schedule a demo with a Striim technologist, or download a free trial of the platform.

Striim Selected as a Top 5 Workplace in the Bay Area for Second Year in a Row

We are thrilled to announce that, for the second year in a row, Striim has been recognized as a great place to work with their inclusion on the Bay Area News Group’s annual Top Workplaces list. This year, Striim ranked #4 in the Small Companies category among 44 companies who qualified for the list.

See the full list of 2018 Top Workplace winners in the Small Companies category.

Many companies in the Bay Area compete for this recognition, and with Silicon Valley-based organizations having the reputation of offering a variety of perks that lead to a dynamic workplace culture, this award is hard to achieve. This is an especially important win for us because winners are only determined based on employee feedback about our company culture.

We think that Striim breaks the mold of what startups and other companies offer employees because we understand the need for a healthy work-life balance. As a startup, it’s true that each and every employee works hard, and we reciprocate that effort in a number of ways.

Primarily, we give employees the opportunity to work in an innovative environment, providing enterprise companies with solutions to make sense of their data in real time. So much is changing in the data management industry, it is invigorating for Striim employees to feel that they are helping to dictate the future of how companies utilize data.

Additionally, Striim employees are offered great benefits options, catered lunch 2-3 times a week, a fully stocked kitchen for snacks and beverages, and flexible work schedules. When work is over and it’s time to play, Striim offers competitive ping pong games, frequent on-site and off-site happy hours, team building outings, and holiday celebrations.

Striim is no stranger to Best Workplace awards. In early May, Striim was recognized as the #10 Workplace in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Business Times and Silicon Valley Business Journal for the second year in a row.

We are humbled and grateful to the Bay Area News Group for this recognition. We look forward to continuing to make Striim a place where our employees love to work.

DBTA 100: Striim Recognized as a Top 100 Company in Data Management and Analysis

We’re thrilled to announce that Striim has been listed as a top 100 company in data management and analysis by being included in Database Trends and Application’s (DBTA) annual “DBTA 100” list. This list, now in its sixth year, is developed by DBTA’s editorial staff to recognize enterprise companies based on their presence, execution, vision, and innovation in delivering products and services to the marketplace.

This is an important victory for Striim, as the way enterprise companies are integrating, managing, and gaining insights from their data is changing dramatically. Technology is now making it more realistic and affordable for companies to work with its data in real time rather than gain insights after the fact when the data is no longer actionable.

Getting to a streaming-first architecture is a fairly new concept for companies, and the first, most crucial components that many organizations need to sort out is the integration piece. Enterprise companies are generating more data than ever before from a variety of sources including machines, databases, and IoT devices. Having an architecture that can work with all of this data is a key component in data modernization – which is where a Streaming Integration Platform becomes necessary.

With that in mind, we built our platform to be an end-to-end solution, enabling organizations to seamlessly integrate, process, and correlate all sources of enterprise data, as well as to make sense of it by offering analytics and visualizations, allowing users to gain data-driven insights the moment it’s born.

As we enter a new phase of enterprise data management, and with businesses beginning to explore innovative ways to gain value from their data, we’re proud that DBTA has recognized Striim as one of the leaders in data management and analysis.

To learn more about the Striim platform and how it can enable companies to work with real-time data, read Striim CTO Steve Wilkes’ “View from the Top” section on DBTA.

Learn more about the DBTA 100 by reading our press release, “Striim Included as a Top 100 Company in DBTA’s Data Management and Analysis List for 2018.”

Striim’s Threat Detection Capabilities Lands Company Among 2018 Fortress Cyber Security Awards Finalists

We are proud to announce that Striim has been recognized for its threat detection capabilities as a finalist in the 2018 Fortress Cyber Security Awards, presented by the Business Intelligence Group!

The Fortress Cyber Security Awards was formed to highlight, discuss and reward the creative thinking, engineering, people, and projects that are taking proactive steps to thwart attacks and take preventive measures to remain one-step ahead, so responses can be quick and efficient.

Striim was selected for our Striim for Enterprise Security solution that helped a leading financial services company enable real-time threat detection, and proactively address potential cyber attacks.

What is Striim for Enterprise Security?

Striim for Enterprise Security connects and correlates multiple streaming and static sources of data, bringing all sources of truth together to allow real-time security threat detection and alerting of potential malicious activity with fewer false alarms.

For internal threat detection, the platform identifies what “normal” looks like based on users’ historical data. It then compares “normal” to real-time activity in order to detect deviations for each user account. Companies get immediate insight when customers or systems are not behaving as expected, and the ability to automatically lock accounts or close breach points when a potential threat is detected.

Striim for Enterprise Security is designed from scratch to reliably and securely collect and process real-time events from a wide range of data sources. With the ability to integrate, prepare, analyze, and visualize the data-in-motion, Striim delivers security analysts real-time dashboards that show the critical security incidents with all the related context, for accurate threat detection and interpretation, and fast decision making.

Striim for Enterprise Security in the Real World

In our submission, we highlighted a leading financial services company that was having a difficult time managing a flood of security alerts and false positives. The company turned to the Striim for Enterprise Security solution, which was instrumental in increasing alert accuracy with more sophisticated rules. The company used Striim to build a security event hub and a user behavior analytics solution on top of their existing security and SIEM solutions. This customer achieved a comprehensive and real-time view into all security events to enable accurate and immediate threat detection.

To learn more about why Striim was selected as a 2018 Fortress Cyber Security finalist, read our press release, “Striim Recognized as a Finalist in the 2018 Fortress Cyber Security Awards,” or learn more about our Striim for Enterprise Security solution.

Striim Wins Big in the Datanami Readers’ Choice Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Striim has received not one, but TWO awards from the readers of Datanami: one for Best Big Data Product or Technology: Real-Time Analytics, and another for Top 5 Vendors to Watch! Striim received these awards at the Strata Data Conference held in New York City today.

This recognition, in multiple categories of the Datanami Readers’ Choice Awards, is extremely important to Striim because of its voting process. As Datanami puts it, “The Datanami Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards are determined through a nomination and voting process with input from the global Big Data community, as well as selections from the Datanami editors, to highlight key trends, shine a spotlight on technological breakthroughs, and capture a critical cross section of the state of the industry.”

Striim is proud to be recognized as a leader in real-time analytics. While all data is inherently streaming, most companies interact with data in batches due to technical limitations. However, innovations and cost reductions in memory technologies and processing power in recent years have changed the game. This has enabled companies to process and analyze their data in-memory, in real time, to get the insights they need while the data is still operational.

We believe that as streaming technology continues to evolve, real-time analytics will eventually become a core component in every company’s data architecture. For this to happen, innovation needs to continue; and Striim plans on being at the forefront of providing these solutions.

Striim’s vision to provide an end-to-end, enterprise-grade, real-time integration and streaming analytics platform is further highlighted by our Top 5 Vendors to Watch award. Data management is a complicated and uphill battle, with insane volumes of data being created year-over-year. With so many companies and vendors claiming to have the answer, Striim is honored to be on Datanami’s shortlist of companies advancing the industry.

To learn more about our awards for Best Big Data Product or Technology: Real-Time Analytics and Top 5 Vendors to Watch, read our press release: Striim Wins Two Datanami Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards – Best Big Data Product or Technology: Real-Time Analytics and Top 5 Vendors to Watch.

If you’re at the Strata Data Conference in NY this week, come by our booth (#621) to check out the Striim solution for yourself!

Why Striim Is Repeatedly Recognized as the Best IoT Solution

It’s quite an honor to win two awards from IoT Evolution in the space of a week, and on the heels of being selected as the 2017 Innovative IoT Product of the Year by Compass Intelligence. In fact, the readers of Datanami were the first to recognize Striim as one of the best IoT solutions when they awarded us the Best Big Data Product for the Internet of Things last fall.

We attended the IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas last week and were awarded “Best in Show” for “Best IoT-Specific Code or Development Solution.” This was wonderful in itself, and showed recognition for the effort we have put into the Striim Platform to make it both powerful and easy-to-use when creating IoT solutions.

Just a few days later, IoT Evolution announced we were a “2017 IoT Evolution Product of the Year” award winner! These awards honor “the best, most innovative IoT products and solutions released in the last twelve months.” Recognition like this doesn’t come easily, and is greatly appreciated. I’m not going to guess the reasons why we were selected, but I will highlight a few thoughts on the show itself that may shed some light on the thinking of the IoT Evolution team.

The IoT Evolution conference had a great collection of keynotes and track presentations talking about the latest discussion topics around IoT.

One topic that repeatedly came up was the amount of IoT data being generated, and that data’s short shelf life. An interesting figure was cited that 90% of IoT data loses its value completely within 60 seconds. This is pretty evident to anyone who has ever built a location-based application – people and things move around, and you can be a mile away within 60 seconds, so analytics need to respond fast.

Striim is perfectly positioned to handle this problem. I even wrote an entire article around it, “Why Time Value of Data Matters.” If you want to process and analyze data within 60 seconds of it being created, you can’t put it into a database, drop it into a lake or send it to the cloud. You need to process and analyze in-memory, in real-time, before it’s ever stored. This is essential given you can’t possibly store all the data, but that’s another story.

The speaker from Verizon summed it up best with the IWWIWWIWI acronym: I Want What I Want When I Want It. People are used to getting information rapidly, and 60 seconds is increasingly not fast enough. IWWIWWIWI means that information should be immediately on-hand, and in the world of IoT, that means immediate processing of data and real-time delivery of alerts, insights and prescriptive analytics to the right people.

The other topic that caught my attention was “exactly what is IoT?” The consensus appeared to be that IoT is not a single technology or market, and it is not useful to call everything IoT. It is an eco-system and does not belong in a silo. IoT devices, platforms, systems and software needs to co-exist with the enterprise.

In short, it is an integration problem, and if you fold in the point I discussed above, it is a real-time integration problem. Without real-time integration of IoT data with other enterprise data, you are not making the most of your investment and are not obtaining maximum value. For example, by joining or correlating IoT data with ERP information you can understand sensor readings within the context of parts, warranties and orders, and make better decisions.

Given the scope of the conference, and the discussions we had, it was an honor to be awarded twice for our work in IoT, and great recognition of the power and ease-of-use of the Striim Platform.

Aragon Research Highlights Striim as a 2017 Hot Vendor in Streaming Analytics

We are excited to announce that Striim has been recognized by Aragon Research as a 2017 Hot Vendor in Streaming Analytics!

Aragon Research is a research and advisory firm that provides thought leading research to help enterprise companies make better technology and strategy decisions. The Hot Vendors list is an annual report that highlights vendors with interesting, cutting-edge products, services or technologies.

The report author was very astute in highlighting why companies should evaluate the Striim platform, “Enterprises that need a combined streaming data ingestion, integration and analytics solution, including CDC, that can meet demanding requirements for performance, scalability and security out-of-the-box, or simply want to deliver custom streaming analytics applications quickly and easily with in-house resources, should evaluate Striim.”

The report succinctly details how our platform is critical in meeting the digital demands of today. Data is growing at a tremendous rate and from a wide range of sources, thanks in large part to the proliferation of connected devices. Enterprise companies today not only need to ingest all of this data, but be able to make sense of it while it had operational value.

Here’s what the report notes about our abilities in streaming analytics:

“Striim, the platform, can ingest data from virtually any data source – including transactional data via Change Data Capture (CDC) – as well as log files, events from message queues, and IoT sensor data. While it’s streaming, the data can be immediately filtered, aggregated, enriched for context, and correlated across streams to enable outlier detection, pattern matching, alerting, and push-based visualizations.”

As one of only four companies to be included in the report, we’re honored to be recognized as a Hot Vendor in Streaming Analytics by Aragon Research!

For more information, read the full press release, “Striim Recognized as 2017 Hot Vendor in Streaming Analytics by Aragon Research.”

This recognition reinforces a broad range of accolades we’ve receive recently, including CRN’s Big Data 100 list, as well as the DBTA 100: The Companies That Matter Most in Data list. Please check our the full list of our Industry Recognition.

Be sure to check out all of Striim’s real-time data management solutions!

Striim Wins “IoT Innovative Product/Solution of the Year”

In May, Striim launched Striim for IoT, an innovative IoT solution that addresses major obstacles to an IoT infrastructure. Now, not even two months later, we are proud to announce that Striim has been awarded the 2017 IoT Innovative Product / Solution of the Year by Compass Intelligence! Striim is joined by prominent companies in the IoT category who are doing incredible things the space, including Tesla, Amazon and Honeycomb, to name a few.

Now in its 5th year, the Compass Intelligence Awards recognizes top innovators, technologies, best-in-class solutions and products, and leaders in mobile, IoT and emerging technology industries.

So why was Striim selected as the most innovative IoT solution? Until now, much of the perceived innovation of IoT has been centered around the devices, and the new use cases they create. However, the true value of IoT is in the data.

Comprehensive IoT data management and analysis is increasingly paramount. Having the ability to make time-sensitive decisions based on context-rich data enables enterprises to make informed business decisions, resulting in benefits such as improving operational efficiency, driving intelligent innovation, and counteracting IoT-related security threats.

The Striim platform makes it simple and speeds the delivery of end-to-end data management and analysis solutions for any company leveraging IoT data in their operations. Specifically, Striim addresses the three primary challenges to IoT data management and analysis:

Managing IoT Data – Striim for IoT provides businesses with the ability to process the extreme volumes of IoT data they generate through in-flight filtering, transformation and aggregation at the edge. By being able to pull key data insights in real-time, at the edge, organizations are able to act upon only relevant IoT data, while reducing redundancy and limiting the amount of stored data on target systems.

Integrating IoT Data with Enterprise Data – Business operations are not based on IoT data alone. As such, operations cannot rely on a simple IoT analytics solution. Striim enables companies to integrate massive volumes of sensor and device data in real time with a wide variety of streaming data sources across the enterprise, and perform streaming data processing and analytics wherever it makes most sense for the business – at the edge, on-premise, or in the cloud. This all occurs while data is in-flight, before the information loses operational value, becoming less relevant and actionable.

Addressing IoT-related Security Issues – Striim is uniquely able to correlate events and identify potential breaches across IoT and non-IoT systems throughout the enterprise. Because of Striim’s ability to process massive amounts of data and perform complex analysis – including anomaly detection and pattern matching – in real time, Striim solutions help organizations thwart attacks before they take hold.

Check out this award and additional industry recognition of the Striim platform, or contact us to schedule a demo of Striim for IoT.

CRN | WebAction

Striim Recognized as an Innovator on CRN’s 2017 Big Data 100 List

We are proud to announce that Striim has been included on this year’s CRN Big Data 100 list, an annual list that recognizes technology suppliers and vendors who are bringing innovative products and solutions to market that help businesses address and manage Big Data.

CRN’s editorial staff was tasked with identifying IT vendors at the forefront of data management, business analytics and infrastructure technologies and services, with Striim being selected as one of 100 vendors making the greatest impact in all areas of consideration.

This is an important victory for Striim as the ever-growing needs surrounding Big Data increasingly require more innovative solutions in order to gain value from the investment.

Big Data has been, and will continue to be, a core initiative for the foreseeable future, especially in large enterprises. With the continuous, massive growth in the volume of data, it makes it both difficult and advantageous for companies these days. It’s difficult because data is gathered from a variety of sources, so a major issue is making sense of the data as a collective whole. These channels could be using different systems, so getting them all to talk the same language is an important step.

Advantageously, if companies adopt a platform that can not only house all this varied data, but provide analysis of it in real-time, it enables a number of benefits such as proactively addressing issues or threats, learning more about customer preferences to help guide decisions, and automating processes and setting up alerts that limit the demand on your IT department.

Businesses are investing a lot of time and effort trying to figure out how to store, manage and utilize their Big Data to help make informed business decisions, so we’re thrilled to have our platform be recognized by CRN as an innovative solution in such a critical market!

Learn more about Striim’s award recognition, as well as CRN’s 2017 Big Data 100 list.