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Watch this video to learn how Striim can monitor ATM components in order to avoid downtime and keep customers happy. This application is a specific example of the remote device monitoring solution developed by Striim which alerts technicians to possible machine outages and cash shortages. Key ATM components are monitored in realtime, including: CPU, printer, card reader, temperature, and cash balances. The App also acquires streaming data about current ATM transactions and historical data to compare past behavior. With visibility into data streams you can predict ATM component failures and service your machine as needed, rather than when scheduled.

  • a summary that shows an overview of all locations being monitored on a global level
  • a location page that shows machines on a local level
  • an ATM page highlighting activity, issues, and component metric prediction charts – shows data collected in 20 minute windows, and provides predictions for the next 10 minute window.

The Striim Platform processes all types of data in innovative ways so users can react to diverse sets of information in massive volumes and maximize the value of big data within their enterprise. The ATM Component Monitor App efficiently acquires and processes streaming data in-memory on commodity hardware, enabling instant alerts and real-time visualizations of your ATM needs. The same approach can be used for other applications, such as monitoring slot machines.