Big Data LDN

Big Data LDN
November 13-14, 2019
London, UK

For the second year, Striim is a Gold Sponsor at Big Data LDN in London. Striim is a patented, enterprise-grade platform that offers continuous real-time data ingestion, high-speed in-flight stream processing, and sub-second delivery of data to cloud and on-premises endpoints.

Stop by to visit us in Booth 651 and learn how companies across Europe are using Striim to move real-time data to the Cloud at scale.

In addition, join Striim CTO, Steve Wilkes, for either of his two sessions in the Fast Data Theater:


Nov 13 | 11:10am
Change Data Capture: The Fast Lane to Cloud Adoption

Cloud has become an essential piece of many organizations’ enterprise data architecture. In this presentation you will learn how fast data plays a role in many cloud related use cases. We will cover the technologies involved, including change data capture, stream processing, and various cloud end-points, and discuss best practices for zero downtime cloud migrations and real-time cloud analytics, as well as hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud and inter-cloud scenarios.

Nov 14 | 1:50pm
Real-World, Real-Time Digital Transformation

In this presentation, we will discuss real-world case studies from multiple industries highlighting the role streaming data has played in their digital transformation strategies. You will see how, by harnessing real-time data and utilizing the appropriate new technologies, organizations from the Finance, Retail, Transportation and Telecommunications sectors have modernized their businesses and streamlined operations.

Visit the Big Data LDN site for more details.