February 9, 2016 · 2 minute read

Striim platform credited by 451 Research for real-time data integration and streaming analytics“…Canny with its design criteria. [Striim’s] technology platform doesn’t only offer streaming data integration, analytics or alerting: it offers all three.” That’s what Jason Stamper concludes about the Striim platform in his recent 451 Research Impact Report. In his 451 Take, he states:

“Since we expect streaming technologies to get a shot in the arm from the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) use cases, we think Striim has been canny –­­­­­–­integration, analytics or alerting: it offers all three. Equally wisely, the company is incorporating open source tools such as Apache Kafka, Hive and ElasticSearch to save on development costs, and also allow companies to take advantage of existing infrastructure.”

Mr. Stamper points out how the company has rebranded from WebAction to Striim (pronounced “stream”) because the new name better reflects what the company is trying to do: ‘streaming integration and intelligence.’ (The two ‘i’s in Striim stand for integration and intelligence.)

The report proceeds to detail the unique features of Striim’s end-to-end, real-time data integration and intelligence platform. Everything from real-time, high velocity data collection the instant data is born, to real-time enrichment, correlation and analysis on streaming data, to real-time visualizations and alerts.

There are other vendors in the streaming analytics space trying to assemble an end-to-end platform with open source technologies. However, 451 Research agrees that this approach is ultimately time-consuming and costly. It simply takes too many high-priced developers to wire all of the various technologies together, and in the end, there’s no guarantee it will work at an enterprise scale.

Download the complete 451 Research Impact Report.