SLA Monitoring

Predict and Project

You want to be able to monitor SLAs and proactively react before infringements happen.

Forecast based on history and spot usage patterns.


Infringements Are Expensive

SLAs can vary by customer, and infringements are difficult and expensive to deal with after-the-fact.

You need to be able to monitor different SLAs for different customers continually, in real time, and project potential outcomes to prevent infringement and all of the problems that come with it.

The Striim Solution

Monitor SLAs in real-time and react to infringements before they happen. Using Striim’s advanced monitoring, forecasting and alerting capabilities, SLAs are a breeze.

  • Continuously correlate multiple data sources to provide multi-tier SLA information
  • Add contextual, customer specific SLA information to data on the wire
  • Predictively alert on conditions and/or patterns of events that might lead upto an SLA infringement
  • Set and update dynamic thresholds to accommodate your customers

Ahead of the Game

The Striim platform can correlate raw data with contextual information and history regarding particular SLAs and perform predictive analytics to forecast when infringements are likely to happen.

Get alerted to possible infringements before they occur, and deliver an enhanced customer experience and reduces cost and churn.