Security & Risk

Continuous Protection

Enterprises need streaming analytics to protect their customers and business from fraud, and turn risk into a known quantity.

Detect anomalies and spot unusual patterns immediately.


Nothing’s More Urgent

The cost associated with fraud increases quickly as time passes. Identifying risk exposure at the end of the day is often too late.

Enterprises must identify and deal with fraud immediately, and ensure both corporate and customer-related risk is minimized at all times.


The Striim Solution

Striim’s continuous enrichment, multi-stream correlation, and contextualization open up a new class of security solutions.

  • Use declarative pattern matching to detect anomalous activity out of streams of operational data
  • Identify threats in real-time by joining raw user activity with historical data on known attackers
  • Integrate and normalize security event data from a multitude of devices and platforms in a streaming, real-time fashion

See the Signs

The Striim platform uses correlation and complex pattern detection over time and locations to deduce potentially fraudulent behavior, and identify events that signal increased risk.

Reduce cost and improve customer experience through advanced security and risk detection and resolution.