Multi-Log Correlation

In Context. In Milliseconds.

Issues don’t happen in isolation, and related events are often important.

Connect to all your log sources and correlate them in milliseconds to identify cause and effect.


Event Silos

Events in separate logs are often related, but stored separately. This requires costly batch or manual analysis to deduce event causation.

It is very difficult to track related events across different logs using batch techniques, but realtime time-series correlation can spot and track issues immediately.

The Striim Solution

Striim has out of the box, streaming connectors to hundreds of log data formats and sources. In addition to that, our stream processing engine allows you to analyze log data as fast as it’s generated by your servers, applications and devices.

  • Easily transform logs into structured data
  • Build SQL pipelines to process and analyze log data while it’s in motion
  • Enrich log data with context data in real-time
  • Correlate data from multiple logs
  • Visualize and search log events using built in ElasticSearch Results stores

Patterns and Relationships

The Striim platform provides enrichment capabilities to add context to logs, and can easily handle and correlate multiple time windows across many logs to spot patterns and relationships among events.

Striim makes it easy to monitor and provide context to multiple types of logs, and enables cause and effect analysis whenever issues occur.