Machine Data Analytics and Intelligence

Instant access and context, for instant action.

Every machine you have is generating logs. And all those sensors add to this volume.

You need to extract the signal from the noise in all that data.


Machine Data Needs Context

Machine data contains invaluable insights into web site and device activity, machine and network health, application errors and system events. By their nature, these insights lose value quickly over time. Simply collecting log data doesn’t reveal these insights. Often the data is mostly unimportant, or lacks the context required to provide actionable information. 

The Striim Solution

Your enterprise is overflowing with streams of machine data; logs, sensors, and devices. While storing this data is a good start, this often does not add any immediate value. There is significant time-sensitive value in understanding the context around your machine data, and acting on it.

  • Support for change capture from hundreds of machine data formats such as Sensor ,Geospatial and Clickstream Data, Application, Web Access and API Logs, Syslogs, GoldenGate trails, Windows Events and easy parsing of custom formats.
  • Support for wide range formats and protocols
  • Striim’s scalable, fault-tolerant in-memory architecture let’s you integrate data with unprecedented speed and and power.
  • Simple, SQL-based interface to aggregate and enrich and correlate data in flight

Mystery Solved

The Striim solution can filter, aggregate, enrich and correlate machine data in milliseconds, providing the context essential for acting quickly.

Log data is no longer a mystery or clogging up storage systems. It can finally be used to drive business decisions while the information is still fresh.