Location Analytics

Movement is real time.

Customers, vehicles and devices are always moving, and you only have a moment to respond to their activity.

Take actions when and where location matters.


The Urgency of Location

There are numerous use cases that require enterprises to make decisions quickly while factoring in location or proximity to an important geospatial point.

Locations change quickly and decisions often need to be made before a customer or vehicle leaves an area.

The Striim Solution

Your customers are always on the go. Can you keep up? With Striim, your geospatial data no longer needs to remain separate. Instantly integrate and make use geospatial data and start taking the right action when and where your customers need it.

  • State-of-the-art geospatial processing capabilities
  • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction with real-time geolocation context
  • Set geo-fences, do proximity analysis and easily alert on critical conditions. All built-in
  • Visualize live location data and explore insights with streaming dashboards

Correlation of Geolocation

Striim can identify locations and geographical areas from streaming data in real time, and correlate this with other contextual information to inform customers, or provide instant business insights.

The solution provides location-based services and real-time views of geospatial information in streaming maps, all within a single platform.