Internet of Things

…or should it be the “Internet of Analytics”

The true value derived from the Internet of Things is not about the devices, or even the crazy fast communication among connected things.

The gold mine resides in the real-time analysis of the data that these devices generate, the “Internet of Analytics.”


Volume and Speed

Data from the Internet of Things are unique in their speed and scale requirements.

Enterprises are tasked with providing streaming analytics solutions for these devices now, while architecting for the future. They need a platform today to track and make decisions on device data, one that can handle the volume and scale linearly over time.

The Striim Solution

The Internet of Things requires streaming integration and intelligence so you can act on your data the minute it’s born. Striim was architected from the ground up for the speed and scale you need to leverage IoT data.

  • Capture and stream data from thousands of devices in parallel using our lightweight agent architecture
  • Perform streaming root-cause analysis by processing metrics from disparate devices
  • Identify equipment and device failures
  • Perform streaming forecasting on IoT data and alert when thresholds are surpassed

Simplicity Today. Scale Tomorrow.

Striim provides the capability of building IoT applications quickly through simple SQL, with the knowledge that, underneath it all, is an enterprise-strength platform that can scale linearly as your data volumes increase.

You can deliver the solutions you need today to provide valuable insights from your IoT data, while preparing for an ever increasing amount of data in the future.