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Product Description

Striim is an end-to-end streaming integration + intelligence solution, making it easy to deliver custom streaming analytics applications. The platform enables multi-stream data correlation and real-time Change Data Capture (CDC) across a wide variety of data sources including transactions from enterprise databases, log files, message queues, application and IoT sensor data.

Striim has partnered with Hazelcast, a leading provider of in-memory data grid technology, to enable the Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache feature.

Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache provides real-time, push-based propagation of changes to a Hazelcast cache. This ensures continuous synchronization between the cache and its underlying database, and consistency with the system of record.

About Hazelcast

Hazelcast is the leading provider of operational in-memory computing with tens of thousands of installed clusters and over 16 million server starts per month. The Hazelcast operational in-memory computing platform helps leading companies, like Capital One, Chicago Board Options Exchange, Deutsche Bank, Ellie Mae, and Mizuho Securities USA, manage their data and distribute processing using in-memory storage and parallel execution for breakthrough application speed and scale.


Free Trial

Get started with Striim for Hazelcast Hot Cache in minutes. Use the form to the right to instantly download a fully functional, 30-day trial of the Striim platform – including the Hazelcast adapter and CDC Wizards – on Mac, Linux or Windows.


Highlights of Striim for Hazelcast Hot Cache include:

  • Fast propagation of database changes to the Hazelcast cache.
  • Striim Change Data Capture (CDC) leverages a push model that is highly efficient.
  • No application changes are needed to use Hot Cache.
  • Striim also provides initial load support.

If you would like a 15-minute demo of the product with one of our lead technologists, please Request a Demo.

Support Details

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