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Striim 3.6 – Analyze Salesforce Data

Salesforce is the ubiquitous 800-pound gorilla in CRM. From building more meaningful relationships and connecting with customers across sales, customer service, marketing and more, it is becoming more and more critical for companies to access and analyze Salesforce data in real time. With the release of Striim 3.6, you can now source live data from your Salesforce
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Striim 3.6 – Hybrid Cloud Integration

Modern companies typically aren’t locked into a single cloud or on-premise environment. Today’s enterprises require a more plug-and-play model for the systems, infrastructure, and analytics they currently use. As companies move toward hybrid cloud infrastructures, they need to be able to easily move data from on-premise to cloud environments in real time. With flexibility in mind,
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Native Apache Kafka Integration in the Striim Platform

Tight Integration Enables Streaming Replay, Application Decoupling, and Event Processing Guarantee Apache Kafka is now embedded within the Striim platform. Now, if you choose, you no longer need to maintain a Kafka cluster, or mess with your Kafka tier, to deliver streaming integration and analytics. This native Kafka integration opens the door to several new
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