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Making the Most of Apache Kafka – Delivering Kafka Data

Delivering Kafka Data In Part 2 of this blog series, we looked at how the Striim platform is able to continuously ingest data from a wide variety of data sources, including enterprise databases via change data capture (CDC), and format and deliver that data in real time into Apache Kafka. Here we’ll take a look
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Making the Most of Apache Kafka – Ingestion into Kafka

Ingestion into Kafka In Part 1 of this blog series, we highlighted how Striim’s SQL-based platform makes it easy to deliver processing and analytics of Apache Kafka data. We will now turn our focus toward real-time data ingestion into Kafka from a wide variety of enterprise sources. Getting Data into Kafka When you are considering
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Native Apache Kafka Integration in the Striim Platform

Tight Integration Enables Streaming Replay, Application Decoupling, and Event Processing Guarantee Apache Kafka is now embedded within the Striim platform. Now, if you choose, you no longer need to maintain a Kafka cluster, or mess with your Kafka tier, to deliver streaming integration and analytics. This native Kafka integration opens the door to several new
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