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Striim 3.6 – Hybrid Cloud Integration

Modern companies typically aren’t locked into a single cloud or on-premise environment. Today’s enterprises require a more plug-and-play model for the systems, infrastructure, and analytics they currently use. As companies move toward hybrid cloud infrastructures, they need to be able to easily move data from on-premise to cloud environments in real time. With flexibility in mind,
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What’s New in Striim 3.6

Mega Release of the Striim Platform Supports Hybrid Cloud and Embeds Apache Kafka The Striim Team has been busy. In a world of iterative development, Striim has made a giant leap forward with the GA of Striim version 3.6.1. The dual theme of this release of the Striim platform is 1) making real-time data integration
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Demo: Migrate Oracle Data to Azure in Real Time

We’d like to demonstrate how you can migrate Oracle data to Microsoft Azure SQL Server running in the cloud, in real time, using Striim and change data capture (CDC). People often have data in lots of Oracle tables, on-premise. They want to migrate Oracle data into Microsoft Azure SQL Server, in real-time. How do you go about
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