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The Long Term Future of NonStop That Strikes a Chord With Striim!

It was only a few days ago that I sat through a presentation about the new NonStop systems by a senior manager from the NonStop development team. Covered in the presentation were NonStop running on physical systems as well as virtual systems – an update that is being given to everyone in the NonStop community
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Analytics, On the Edge, and NonStop!

It may have gone unnoticed by many viewers of the popular television program, Elementary, when its main character, Sherlock Holmes, heard the buzzing of a mosquito when it wasn’t mosquito season. The buzzing indeed was artificial and we were led to believe that a military subcontractor had reduced an intelligent “thing” performing visual reconnaissance to
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Changes at HPE Foster NonStop Partners

Bodes Well for Growing Ecosystem of NonStop Partners Including Striim On July 19, I wrote about the many changes taking place at HPE. So what is the new HPE going to be doing as it continues to divest itself of services and software groups? As one executive suggested to me, “we’re essentially back to an
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Surprises Aplenty as HPE Refines Its Focus

For me, an industry analyst, commentator and blogger focused on HPE in general, and HPE Mission Critical Systems specifically, these past couple of days have provided material to fill an entire blog. HP signaled changes coming last year when it proposed splitting into two entities, HPE and HPQ, with the former focused solely on the
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