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Programming: A Shortfall of Legacy Event Processing

Guest post on event processing by Opher Etzion With the onset of the Internet of Things, our universe is now flooded with events that require event processing. These events are introduced to the digital world with all the wonders of IoT and wearable computing that report on anything and everything that happens. But our ability to take
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The Convergence of In-Memory Computing Technology

Everyone likes to think they are cool, but it is a totally different thing to be told you are cool by someone else, especially someone you hold in the highest regard. At Striim, we’ve built a great company with lots of brilliant people, and an amazing platform that is solving real world streaming integration and
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Top 20 Streaming Analytics Predictions for 2016

  Streaming Analytics is impacting a wide variety of today’s hottest technology domains. As such, I and my fellow technologists at Striim have put together our Top 20 Predictions for 2016 across many of the areas that touch Streaming Analytics. Enjoy! Big Data/Data Lakes 1. Disillusionment with Data Lakes will intensify through 2016. Enterprises will
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