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Taking Financial Services Operations to the Next Level – Live Webinar

We are excited to announce our upcoming live webinar, presented by Striim co-founder and CTO, Steve Wilkes. Live Webinar: Taking Financial Services Operations to the Next Level Using Streaming Analytics Thursday, October 26, 2017 10am PDT/1pm EDT/5pm UTC Register Today’s financial services institutions face many operational challenges that range from strict government regulations and macro-economic
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The Best of Both Worlds: Hybrid Open Source Data Management Platforms

Please join our upcoming webinar with Tony Baer from Ovum where we will discuss the pros and cons of a “hybrid open source” strategy vs. an “open source first” strategy. In the Big Data era, open source technologies have seen increased adoption, with an enormous degree of impact on the entire technology ecosystem. For example,
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The Critical Role of a “Streaming First” Data Architecture – Webinar

Please join us for our upcoming webinar on The Critical Role of a “Streaming First” Data Architecture in 2017, presented by our co-founder and CTO, Steve Wilkes. IDC’s recent prediction that the world will be creating 163 zettabytes (or 163 trillion gigabytes) of data a year by 2025 was shocking. What’s more astounding is how
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Data Security with Streaming Analytics: Webinar Featuring Guest Analyst

We are pleased to announce our upcoming webinar on Data Security with guest speaker Stephanie Balaouras, Forrester Vice President and Research Director serving Security and Risk professionals. All webinar attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Forrester’s December 2016 Data Security Benchmark Report: Understand the State of Data Security and Privacy: 2016 To 2017. For years, security leaders have
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Striim Weekly CTO Webinar with Steve Wilkes

In addition to having some of the best streaming technology out there, Striim also has a reputation for being extremely available and responsive to both customers and potential customers. In that vein, Striim’s founder and CTO, Steve Wilkes, makes himself available every Wednesday for a live weekly CTO Webinar. Here is a brief overview of what the
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There has been great change and innovation in all things data. Big data. Streaming data integration. Fast analytics. Cloud processing and storage. IoT. (Just to name a few.) As CIO or head of data architecture or BI/analytics, it’s up to you to determine which data technologies will propel your business forward. The challenge has become less
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Is ETL Now a 4-Letter Word? Preparing for Streaming Analytics

The time-tested process of Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) is fast losing its ability to cope with the volume, velocity and variety of Big Data coming down the pike. Forward-thinking companies are prepping the battlefield by designing on-ramps to the future of streaming analytics. Please join The Bloor Group and the Striim team for the live webinar: The Bloor
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How to Exploit Perishable Insights the Instant Your Data Is Generated

Please join us to learn how collecting data the instant it’s born, and pre-processing it in memory (that is, pre-Kafka, pre-Hadoop, pre-disk), can help you tap into your gold mine of perishable insights. Mike Gualtieri, Forrester Research Principal Analyst, is one of the world’s most renowned and respected analysts in the area of Streaming Analytics.
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The Bloor Group Webinar: Time Difference: How Tomorrow’s Companies Will Outpace Today’s

Join The Bloor Group and WebAction in the Briefing Room for Time Difference: How Tomorrow’s Companies Will Outpace Today’s. In our increasingly interconnected world, the windows of opportunity for meaningful action are shrinking. Where hours once sufficed, minutes are now the norm. For some transactions, seconds make all the difference, even sub-seconds. Meeting these demands requires a new
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Inside Analysis How the Data Explosion Changes the Way We Do Business

The Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh and WebAction EVP, Sami Akbay discuss big data trends that are drastically affecting business today in the latest webcast from The Bloor Group, Inside Analysis. They consider how the onslaught of new kinds of data (machine generated, social media and transactional, to name a few) have overwhelmed existing infrastructures,
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