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Striim Joins Microsoft, Statistica, Fujitsu, Dell at Hannover Messe

The Striim Team is excited to join with key partners including Microsoft, Statistica, Dell and Fujitsu at Hannover Messe 2017. Through joint demos, presentations and interactive experiences, Striim is showcasing a wide variety of real-time IoT integration and analysis solutions to address the needs of Industrie 4.0. Taking place April 24-28, 2017 in Hannover, Germany,
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Introducing Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache

Today, we are thrilled to announce the availability of Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache. This joint solution with Hazelcast’s in-memory data grid uses Striim’s Change Data Capture to solve the cache consistency problem. With Hazelcast Striim Hot Cache, you can reduce the latency of propagation of data from your backend database into your Hazelcast cache to milliseconds.
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Make Your Data Strategy Work Through Streaming

Data strategy transcends all use cases. Are you tasked with enhancing customer experience or ensuring SLAs? Do you monitor infrastructure, equipment, or replication between databases? Do you need to detect fraud or security issues in real time? Or does your business generate extreme volumes of IoT data? There is a general approach for all of
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Real-Time Financial Transaction Monitoring

Building complex, financial transaction monitoring applications used to be a time-consuming task. Once you had the business case worked out, you needed to work with a team of analysts, DBAs and engineers to design the system, source the data, build, test, and rollout the software. Typically it wouldn’t be correct the first time, so rinse
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ATM Remote Device Monitoring with Predictive Analytics

Watch this video to learn how Striim can monitor ATM components in order to avoid downtime and keep customers happy. This application is a specific example of the remote device monitoring solution developed by Striim which alerts technicians to possible machine outages and cash shortages. Key ATM components are monitored in realtime, including: CPU, printer,
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Top 10 Challenges in Delivering High-Velocity Big Data Analytics

In 10 minutes Steve Wilkes, WebAction Cofounder and CTO, tackles the what is needed to deliver the Top 10 Challenges in Delivering High-Velocity Big Data Analytics. Watch the video from the Strata +Hadoop conference in San Jose, CA to learn about the challenges and solutions in using stream analytics to get the most from your
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Streaming Multi-log Correlation Using the Striim Platform

Learn how the Striim Multi-log micro application correlates interesting events across multiple data streams in real time. This video is a high-level demonstration of the Multi-log app correlating two live data streams, a web server log and an app server log. The Multi-log application can be extended to continuously correlate all structured, semi-structured, and transactional data
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