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Real-Time Collection, Enrichment and Analysis of Set-Top Box Data

Competition is stiff. With the onset of Internet protocol TV and “over the top” technology, satellite, telco and cable set-top box providers are scrambling to increase the stickiness of their subscription services. The best way to do this is to provide real-time context marketing for their set-top boxes in order to know the customer’s interests
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Real-World Examples of Real-Time Log File Monitoring

At its most basic, the goal of log file monitoring is finding things which otherwise would have been missed, such as trends, anomalies, changes, risks, and opportunities. For some firms, log files exist to meet compliance requirements or because software already in use generates them automatically. But for others, analyzing log files – even in
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Real-Time Offers and Sales Monitoring

Today we’re going to take a look at a Striim-base application that makes real-time offers to customers while they’re still in a store by combining beacon, sales, and inventory information. If you’re a retailer, you may have many stores for which you want to track sales. Additionally, you may wish to make offers to your
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5 Uses for Real-Time Visualization

The key factor that makes real-time visualization preferable to batch or event-driven visualization is the requirement for immediacy of decision making, which tends to be role-based. A C-suite officer, for example, is unlikely to look at one visual representation of any data and change the strategy their company is taking. Conversely, real-time visualization can be
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8 Streaming Data Myths, Busted

Streaming data and analytics is catching hold across today’s markets, providing powerful tools for organizations to sense, understand and respond to what is happening across markets and geographies in real time. However, many executives lack a clear understanding of the technology and applications. Here are some of the leading myths that hold back successful streaming
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Upsell and Cross-Sell in Real Time

On any ecommerce site, there’s a lot of clicking, exploring, and comparison shopping going on, but few sales. It’s been estimated that visitors to ecommerce websites spend about three to five minutes on the site before leaving, but the average conversion rate is just 1.4 percent. To boost sales, leading ecommerce sites – Amazon, Target,
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Stream Analytics Platforms as a Context Broker

Using a stream analytics platform as a context broker enables businesses to stream their Big Data and gain insights as they occur to enable immediate action. Timing is everything; data needs to be current and it needs context to maximize value. For example, knowing that a high-value customer is evaluating particular product features — in the moment, enables businesses to
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